GTA San Andreas Trainer Download For Android (Updated) 2021

GTA San Andreas Trainer – GTA San Andreas is the most played fun video game among friends. This game can also be played offline, and playing online can be so much fun. All friends can sit together in one game and play fun games, complete missions. On the one hand, when this game becomes so interesting among friends, on the other hand, the fun of the game is spoiled due to the lock of the options of this game.

The fun of this game can be restored with the help of the GTA San Andreas trainer. In the trainer version, there is no such thing as entering the code and opening the locked options. It is very easy to click on one of the options and unlock any type of lock option at the same time. In the GTA San Andreas trainer version, if a vehicle needs to be unlocked, the vehicle can be unlocked by simply clicking on one of the options in the trainer.

GTA San Andreas Trainer

GTA San Andreas Trainer

GTA San Andreas Trainer is a version of GTA that is the most played version in this series. This version gets a lot more fun. If GTA San Andreas Mods is played offline, that is, if only one player is sitting, then the game’s missions are completed, but it is not as fun as the pro players.

In other words, pro players are playing in the game by buying extra game features that are not in the normal game at all. And even a normal player is unaware of these features as if these features are not present in the game. When it comes to trainers, there are many features that are not even found in the first game.

And when the same game is played online, the pro features are also missed. Because in the online game there are also players who have pro features. And if they want, they can kill any character and nothing can happen to their own character. All of them can be played like a pro player using the trainer.

Trainer Cheat Work on Android Phone

There are many Trainer cheats in GTA San Andreas Trainer, which we can see in the list of Cleo Menu. Click here once on any cheat to activate. This will activate. We will talk about some GTA San Andreas native Trainer cheats which are as follows

Swim in the water and walk on the water

In the cheats list, you will find a walking cheat of the water which if you activate, then when you go to a river or stream, etc. you will swim in the water but of course, you will be able to walk on the water. With the help of cheat, if in any mission one of your enemies runs away from you and takes the boat in the water and you do not have the boat, then you can catch your enemy by running on the water. And can attack it while running.

Drink V2

Another feature found in the cheats list is Drink V2. The name of this cheat indicates the drink will be used. By activating it you will see a bottle in your player’s hand which will contain alcohol etc. You can see that your player will look strong drunk. And the player will be seen falling into a street. That sounds quite interesting.

Helicopter Magnet

Using Helicopter Magnet cheat, you will get a helicopter that you can take anywhere. And the magnet attaches to the car. With the help of a magnet, you can grab any car and throw it anywhere.


Activating Skyfall cheat will put a parachute behind your player which you can open while descending from the sky.

Shot Explosive Cars

Shot Explosive Cars This cheat menu is only available on the list with which you can destroy any car.


Spawnramps can activate this cheat and then stunt while driving on any vehicle. This will cause a pull in front of your vehicle as it comes during racing. That is, when the motorcycle racing, the pulls for the stunts, etc., will be exactly the same show that can be done from the top of the stunt and the game can be made more interesting.

Also, on the Cleo Menu list are many other cheats that are used differently. And it also creates more interest in GTA 5 APK.

GTA San Andreas Trainer

How can I download GTA San Andreas Trainer?

If you are familiar with GTA San Andreas Trainer then we talk about how to download it. A lot of times it happens that where there is hope that we will get the file better then we get the wrong file, because of which time is wasted, there is also hope that the original file will not be found, so here it is There is no such thing on the website. You can save your file by clicking the download button. And you can enjoy it after install GTA San Andreas trainer.

  • Map Customization
  • The character can drink.
  • Player changes his clothes
  • Player use unlimited features
  • The player can change his beard style
  • Missional game
  • Almost 100 missions
  • Powerful cars
  • Unlimited player life
  • Enabling or disabling wind and snow
  • GTA San Andreas Trainer Unlimited Health.


The GTA San Andreas crazy trainer version is a Rockstar’s published video game, which can be played by singles and multiplayer. Another interesting thing about this game is the cheats. If the content from the trainer is cheats or hacked, a PRO player can be enjoyed by buying more features in the game. There are many missions in the game that have to be fulfilled one by one but GTA San Andreas Trainer is a game full of terrorists. See gangsters everywhere.

If left unchecked, gangsters could wreak havoc. And killing these gangsters is also in missions. And in order to complete these dangerous missions, the player has to be empowered, so for this, trainer chats are used so that the options like vehicles, guns, clothes, etc. are also opened.

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