GTA San Andreas Skins Mods Download For Android {Highly Compressed}

GTA San Andreas Skins: This was released it in 2004, there are many more versions in the series, but its short name searches for it, playing it on both online and offline while enjoying it with friends. It has a fantastic feature, which makes players very much inspired, and especially teenagers and young are so inspired by it that they like to download and play the same.

And that feature is GTA SA Skins. There are many skins in this game which you can enjoy while playing by changing the character. Below we explain more about it, which shows why this version is so popular.

GTA SA Skins

GTA SA Skins Mods

Release a mod must for each version of the entire GTA series, which also enjoys a pro player’s fun and the new highlights. There are different features for each performance, so that each version has its demand due to additional features, and people like to download and play it according to what they want. Similarly, found similar skins in this version, and these are used only in the mods version.

After installing the mods version, to use any skin by opening a complete list while playing. But playing doesn’t make any difference, like to play the first game, play the same after changing it. Each is different from each other; each will look different from the previous and more exciting than the last mod/cheat. Many numbers are so high that if one of them can select every day, it will take many years to try all these skins.

GTA SA Skins

As mentioned earlier, there are many skins in this version, which make the game very interesting. After installing it, when it opens on mobile, there is a list show in which all the skins are present for use. The whole list refers to changing character. For example, the world-famous characters in the real world can create characters that look like the world’s most famous (WWE Roman Reigns), which exists at number 26 in the list. During the playing, we see that the character looks exactly like Roman Reigns.

There are also hundreds and many exciting character replacements that are selected using the mods version only. Also,  if you like to play with a particular character, install it, and after some settings, this skin mods version becomes more comfortable to use. The full details of downloading and installing this version can see below, which can be beneficial for you by following.

Best Features

Missions: GTA San Andreas has a total of 104 missions. Of these, however, there are two optional storyline routes, one in San Fierro and one in Las Ventura.

Character: Carl Johnson, also known as Chief Justice, is returning from Liberty City to Los Santos. Upon arrival at Los Santos International Airport, He saw out that his mother had died.

Stages: Not all missions are needed to complete the story, and we have indicated (when possible) what needs to move the story forward.

Graphics: Artificial intelligence improved standard loading screens, as well as menus in 4K quality.

Sounds: Like the real game, a huge pack of standard sounds in HD quality without the use of unusual compression.

Controls: Firearms – Number pad 0 / left / left mouse button

  • Next Weapon /Target-E/Insert/Mouse Wheel Down
  • Previous weapon/target-Cue/number pad/Mouse wheel up
  • Purpose weapon Dell/Caps Lock/Right mouse button

Others: There are also many modes available for the mobile version of it, which adds more fun to GTA San Andreas on Android.

Player: The path to a game like GTA San Andreas may be in your car. At times, however, all you want to do is travel to your next mission location as soon as possible.

GTA SA Skins

How to download GTA San Andreas Skins mods?

To download GTA Sa skins, you must first open google from one of your browsers and come to our website. And if you are already on the website but you do not know the procedure to download, then there is no problem, because here you can easily download the skins.

And in addition to downloading, you will tell here how to install it, so to download you can click on the download button below and save the more controls you are looking at. Take them because they are used in skins/mods.

How to install GTA SA Skins mods?

As we have said that there are many skins on the internet, you can easily install the skins and download from our website. While installing them will not require any kind of password etc. Remember the location where the skin file will appear after downloading, then copy the file that you have downloaded.

And after you open the android folder, there you will find another folder named Data. There you have to paste the copied file. And then run your game, check and enjoy. One can download and add many more skins and there are much more available here besides the character.

How to Use GTA San Andreas Skins Pack?

Add skins to GTA, but many times it happens that due to the changing of the character, there is a strange feeling that it is difficult to play now. But in reality, this does not happen even if the character changes or the whole theme of the game does not change but it will play in the same way as the original.


GTA SA Skins found easily on the internet and in a variety of mods. The skins in mods are used to change the character. And there are thousands of characters to choose from. And you can also download a custom game theme or any kind of skin from the internet.

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