GTA San Andreas Missions {Full Mods Guide} 2021

GTA San Andreas Missions – GTA San Andreas is an action-adventure game published by Rockstar Games in 2004. Since then many more versions have been published. Rockstar Games published a whole series of GTA and the special thing about each version of this whole series is that each game has missions. While the character/player and each game have missions according to the same version which the main character has to complete one by one.

GTA San Andreas Missions

The GTA San Andreas missions game became the most played game in the world for the same reason that the game is played according to the missions, the destruction is done at will. And this game can be played by one player while playing online in multiplayer games by connecting with each other.

GTA San Andreas Missions

GTA San Andreas is a missional game. This game can be played on computers or mobile devices. There are many missions in this game that are about 100 and more. All of them have to be fulfilled one by one. The character also earns dollars for completing missions during the game, which he can use anywhere. These dollars can be used to unlock cars, clothes, guns, etc.

Here we will discuss some of the missions which are as follows

First Five Missions

Big Smoke, Sweet & Kendl

In GTA San Andreas missions 1 after disturbing the police CJ arrives Grove Street at his house, gets upset when he sees his belongings scattered, and he gets Big smoke, along with CJ’s ex-friends. Then reach a pink slip while cycling.

Ryder & Barbers

CJ goes to the Ryder and after some conversation with him, the player has to sit in the car and go to the barbers. After reaching the hair facial studio, the player has to set the beard of his character which costs 80%. The player has to be taken to the pizza shop than from there to reach the Ryder home Red Blip.

Tagging Up Turf

CJ goes to Sweet’s friend and together with him goes to different places and spry on the walls. After spry, the player has to reach a red blip with Sweet.

Cleaning the Hood

CJ goes greenwood together with his partner Ryder. The player then goes to the crack dealer. After the dealer dies there, the player has to go to the dealer’s place. After killing everyone there, the player goes back to Sweet’s house.

Last Five Missions

Cut Throat Business

The player goes to the beach OG Loc on the car but Wu runs away from there. OG Loc reaches the point where the player meets him after a considerable escape.

Grove 4 Life

The player goes to Idlewood after some talk with his friend Sweet’s and big smoke, after reaching there he kills some enemies then the player goes to more places and kills gangsters. And then arrive at Sweet’s House.

Mission Riot

After listening to the news for a while, the players go back home to Grove Street with Sweet’s partner, who has already been attacked. The attacker finds out from the news itself.

Los Desperados

The player goes to the unity station with his three friends, killed some gangsters again, and completes the mission in the same way.

Final Mission End of The Line

The player arrives in a building with his friend Sweet’s car where the big smoke is hidden with his gang. The player has to kill them all, then reach the big smoke and kill him, then a policeman comes and takes the bag from the CJ and sets the building on fire.

Player has to get out of the building and kill the gangsters as well. The player gets out of the building, chases the policeman, and then kills him, thus ending the game with the mission.

GTA San Andreas Missions

Mobile Related

The GTA San Andreas apk game is the only video game to be played on mobile as well as computer, with many missions that can be accomplished while playing on mobile. These missions are almost 100. The GTA San Andreas android game can be played by downloading it on mobile. But the specification of the mobile should be such that this game can be downloaded and played on mobile. For this game be android 4.0, memory 2GB or more, processor 1.8 +, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I GTA San Andreas download for android?

To install the GTA San Andreas missional game, first, you have to follow the specification of your mobile as per the above details, then it is very important that you have the internet because without the internet you cannot download the game.

If you have facilities and you are visiting our website, you will see the download button, click on this button and after clicking OK in one more step you will see that your game starts downloading.

How can I GTA San Andreas mods file download?

If you want to download Mods GTA San Andreas file, you can easily download it from our website. On this site, you will find a mod file, OBB file, GTA series, and much more content which you need. So, you can download the mod file without delay by clicking on the download button. And you can enjoy the game even more by doing cheats in the game through this mod file.

Key Features

  • Silent patch and WIDE-Screen Fix
  • The character can wear a hud
  • Character clothes can be changed as needed.
  • Gunshots can destroy vehicles
  • Guns like cheats can be used
  • Can drive the type of car
  • Police encounter.


Rockstar Games has published many versions of the GTA series that are missional. In the San Andreas missions game, CJ has to complete missions one by one. If the player wants to wreak havoc on his own, or just wants to wander in the game, he can wander and wreak havoc in the area. But the police have to deal with the destruction. Because the CJ is already against the police.

GTA San Andreas is a gangster’s game. In most GTA 5 APK missions, the player has to fight with gangsters. Because gangsters are wreaking havoc in the city. The player tries to keep the city safe by killing these gangsters. Players receive rewards for completing GTA San Andreas missions. Which can be used in places.

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