GTA 5 Online Play on Mobile (Android/iOS) Full Free

GTA 5 free is an action-adventure video game played by single and multiplayer. This version was released in 2013. It was published and produced by Rockstar Games. GTA 5 has been published for play station 3, 4, 5, Xbox, widows and especially for android devices. To facilitate GTA 5 game players to play GTA 5 online was also published. More than 30 players can play online games.

This is a popular game for teens, young. This video game became popular in a matter of days and reached the heights of the skies. GTA is the most played game of Rockstar games. In this game, the player becomes a criminal and in addition to various thefts in the game, he also kills people’s contracts. And it also saves lives for the money of certain people.

GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online Gameplay

When it comes to playing GTA online games, it is also important to protect your life. Because as soon as the online multiplayer game is started, there are more than 30 players online, as soon as they find out that a new player has entered the game, they immediately go to its location to kill it. Arrive. So, the most important thing is to change your location as soon as the game starts. For example, one should sit in a car, etc. and go somewhere else.

GTA 5 online game has three special characters. They are Michael, Franklin, and Trevor Phillips. Starting this game, the player who is going to play this game will choose one of the characters and then start playing this video game.

There are so many GTA 5 Heist missions in the game that have to be fulfilled one by one. Each mission has involved planning. Each mission has completed after planning. Some missions are complete very quickly. But there are also missions such as stealing, contract killing, and saving lives. They are regularly planned, then the mission or game is played.

And in this game, there are many types of vehicles. Lots of cars are available for free when it comes to playing GTA 5 online games. Some vehicles are locked. Dollars earned can be unlocked or vehicles can be unlocked using GTA 5 mode or hacks. GTA 5 also has weapons. The weapons are used in many places. For example, for contract killing, to protect the lives of Mr. Cheng, etc. There are many types of weapons in GTA 5.

Game mode refers to modifications or hacks, which are mostly carried out in today’s game. In the game, you can make custom changes. And if a car is paid etc. then you can get it free by hacking. And you can enjoy pro games. If we talk about some of the advantages of the game mod then we will also see the disadvantages of these hacks.

The hacks are carried out in GTA 5 Online. They are used in most vehicles to change or unlock them or to unlock weapons etc. More dollars can be raised from hacks in the game. And their disadvantages can be to your mobile (Hong, battery issue, spam, or crash problems). Because game mode has coding that can do more harm than good.

Play Online GTA 5 on Mobile

On the one hand, the GTA 5 video game is played offline. For example, a game file is downloaded and installed on a computer or Android phone. And it is played.

But on the other hand, the trend of playing online video games is increasing. Everyone has to play multiplayer games online. Because in the online game is too enjoyable. Having the internet is very important to play online games. In addition to computers, many GTA users like to play this game on mobile phones.

So, the specification of the mobile to play the game on the mobile is seen. android version 4.0 should be more than, mobile phone mic should be better, headphones should be used, mobile phone specification should have at least 2GB RAM, CPU is as good as the latest, otherwise it can be played on old recently.

Key Features

The GTA 5 map feature is very excellent. Because the player can get anywhere easily with the help of the map. And can complete your mission. Maps come more beneficial when playing online games.

  • If you need to be going while completing missions or you want to stop the game, you can save the game. And you can go wherever you want by saving the game.
  • You can change your character’s cloth to custom.
  • You can bathe your character.
  • Change the design of your apartment, furniture, etc.
  • Can drink.
  • With a microscope, you can see any place in the city.
  • You can select and change vehicles
  • hear call like a real man.
  • Use helicopter
  • Can give custom color to the motorcycle
  • At ‘Western Nightblade’ can change the parts of the motorcycle
  • You can buy an air jet and use it
  • Can custom car and bike ready.


How can I play GTA 5 for free?

First, you need is the internet and then you can play free games online by clicking on the link provided here.

Can I GTA 5 download for free?

Yes, of course, you can download from our website free version.

Can I play GTA 5 online?

Yes, you can play GTA 5 online on android phones.

How many players can play in GTA Online at a time?

At a time up to 30 players can play online easily GTA 5. But the risk increases as there are more players. Because often payers kill each other. And on the other hand, having more players also increases the fun of playing the game.


In today’s world playing video games has become a hobby of every young person. GTA 5 is the most played video game in the world. These games are played in two ways. Offline and online. The GTA 5 game is a popular Rockstar game played on computers and Android phones.

Rockstar Games to provide the facility to play online games on android phones. The Rockstar games is a major company publishing GTA 5 online, the most played game being the GTA video series.

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