GTA 5 iOS Download For iPhone/iPad (No Jailbreak)

GTA V is a video game that is established by Rockstar North-a supplemental of Rockstar games. GTA 5 is the 5th product of the grand theft auto series. The game was commuted on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 on September 17, 2013. Later in November 2014 Rock Star games issued it on PC. And now, there is good news for users of iOS devices because GTA 5 is also available for IOS devices. You can play it on any of your IOS devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iPod touch.

The graphics of this game is similar to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.You will need IOS 7 or higher to run this game. Because of the demand of people, Rockstar is trying to make GTA 5 possible for IOS devices. Now at this stage, the IOS devices are powerful enough to run this game smoothly.



GTA 5 for iOS is either played by first person or third person view and navigated by foot or vehicle. Players control the three lead protagonists throughout single-player and switch between both during and outside of the mission.

The story is based on heist sequences and many missions include shooting and driving gameplay. The player completes the mission with set objectives to progress through the story.

GTA 5 on iOS devices also has the same board of story and same missions including shooting and driving gameplay but the real difference comes when you have this game on your handy phone set you can have it always with you just because Rockstar launched it for IOS devices.


This game is not officially available on the App store of iPhone just like iTunes but you can have it from third party websites. This version of GTA is the only version with the all cities from the series. Download GTA 5 and you can enjoy the most entertaining game for free and you can save a lot of money by just downloading it from a website. You can have this game either in multiplayer or single-player.


The graphics are Awesome just like PS 3 and Xbox 360 similarly a PSP console is used to play this game, you can save the game wherever you want. When you download this game you have many other mini-games like hunting, scuba diving, shooting, and driving, etc to play. You can roam in the city freely in the ios version.

Even if you have finished all the missions you can commit crimes, shooting, driving, and roam freely in the city. It is the best chance for IOS device owners to have this entertaining and stunning game on their phones. You can play this game for hours by just lying on the bed by not getting bored.

Breathtaking Features

GTA 5 comes powered with the best features that ensure maximum engagement and unavoidable appeal for all. It has been observed that after playing the game for a while the gamers fail to complete the mission and trying to complete the same mission several times they get bored. But, IOS version has excellent features with all GTA 5 APK missions.

Every action, every level every mission, and the dynamics of this game is so unique that the gamers are so indulged they have hardly any time to set off their attention from the game. You can get this what you have to do is just Download GTA 5 iOS and enjoy the features listed below.

  • Bounty hunting in GTA 5.
  • Huge selection of planes.
  • Variety of missions.
  • Customize your vehicles, clothes, and weapons.
  • You can play multi-player or single-player.
  • Roam freely in the cities of Europe.
  • New ways to discover.
  • You can experience scuba diving and hunting.
  • Improved maps and much more you can explore.
  • GTA 5 lets you pick your own crew, plan, and methods.
  • High Graphics just like that of PS 3.
  • The characters are so realistic and cool.
  • You can have it in your pocket.
  • Better driving experience.

No Jailbreak
Here’s a great feature that you might have never observed on any other website. If you are concerned about security issues just like me then for sure this amazing feature is for you. No Jailbreak is required for iPhone to have this awesome game.Just you have to download Cydia impactor and connect with your PC/Laptop install and enjoy the Game.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is the best you can have if you are a pro gamer. I recommend you download and install this game in your IOS devices and enjoy all the amazing features of GTA 5. I assure you that you would not regret downloading it. After having a large number of great features you would love to play it and Guess what? there are no limitations in the IOS version. Just download it and experience the best pro-level gaming in your device.

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