GTA 5 Heist Guide Full Story Mode {All Missions} Updated 2021

GTA 5 HEIST- Another drama that is almost every year is when a crime occurs. That is caused by youth Where the famous video game GTA will be used as an issue to talk about, and with the latest news that teenagers hurt foreign tourists, The penalty is because of playing the GTA game from the culprit to the point of a drama in the social world and being emphasized by the news of some channels.

The story of the GTA Game (Grand Theft Auto) has been raised again as an issue for those who don’t know. It is an open-world game with a history of almost 20 years, first released in 1997.

GTA Heist

In essence, the GTA game is a realistic, worldwide simulation. And also allows us to do anything and everything that would hurt people on the road Or robbed of money as you please Plus the mission to go out to commit the crime as specified by the game, Of course, the country in the game must have laws. If you do wrong, there will be police arrested. The more violent the military police almost paraded the whole department In this regard, it is interesting that if gamers play seriously, without pressing the formulas, they should avoid unnecessarily breaking the law.

Personally, GTA is not just a great game in every area. The essence of life is still exposing the dark side of life. Through fun gameplay, Most people see it as dangerous as looking at just one side. Because if you look at the other side, you will find a good story that gives a lot of good thoughts that are hidden (However, GTA is still not something that kids should play)


GTA Heist (pronounced heist) translates as robbery, or as we understand in the game that it is a team mission. That provides high compensation for money and RP (Reputation Point or character reputation). Heist is a mission that requires 2-4 players depending on the mission to play. Important things that players should have if thinking of Playing Heist to pass smoothly are as follows.

First– Reading and listening skills in English to intermediate to advanced levels because of each mission. There will be people calling to tell the details that What is each person doing? (If listening or unable to read, I can say that it is difficult. In the morning, playing with a child, which he can not read I don’t know about the summary)

Ask why I don’t let the reader tell me what to do.

Answer: Each Heist or team has different roles. Which suppose if I take the role of a driver The work order will only order my part. In which the screen asks another person who takes on another duty He will order another way (not confusing). Therefore, English is quite necessary.

What to do if you can’t read it?

Second- Respect or respect Like the uncle’s glasses Has said that the important thing for teamwork is Respect. Players must know and respect the players together. Respect each other for each other’s position. Because in each mission Everyone is equally important. If you troll, I’m good at playing alone and then dead until Mission Fell. Twice, no matter, but if often, no one would like to invite me to join the gang for sure. (Each mission has a limited number of deaths.) Therefore, do not forget to respect other players as well.

Third- The skills here do not mean the status of the character. I mean real playing skills such as driving, driving a plane, driving a boat, etc. Because each mission The game is responsible for all four people on different teams. And the responsibilities of the people in the team Will belong to the team leader or host. If the boss ordered you to drive the plane. But you can’t finish driving. The mission can’t continue immediately.


What are the requirements for a Heist?

Heist cannot be started right from the start, instead, two conditions are required. To host the Heist yourself, you must have reached at least level 12. This takes several hours or days, depending on how you play. A high-end apartment is also mandatory. Such luxury stalls cost between GTA $ 200,000 and USD 500,000 and can be recognized by the fact that they have 10 parking spaces.

If both requirements are met, you will receive a call from a secondary character Lester while playing in GTA Heist Online. After that, all you have to do is drive to the point marked “L” on the map to start the introduction to Heists. You can also play Heists without having met these conditions – but only by joining a raid by another host.

How do I start a Heist?

After Lester’s introduction to the robbery missions, Heists can be started in their luxury apartment the work area is marked on the map with a corresponding symbol. If you start a Heist from your home, you are also the host. But you can also simply pull out your mobile phone during the game and immediately join a Heist with a “quick job” selection. Then you have no control over the mission played.

Also, the host may suddenly leave the game, start later Heist missions with other players, or cancel the raid. Then you have to look for a new host – who sometimes plays a completely different heist. In other words, if you want to play a robbery in one piece, it is best to host it yourself – but then you have to make advance payments to pay the preparation costs (between GTA $ 11,500 and GTA $ 100,000), or preferably in a closed session Playing with friends.

Start a Heist!

A text message and a call from Lester are just right. First, he informs you that he has unfurnished your apartment, then he calls you to discuss a “new job”. Get behind the wheel of your car and pay a visit to the warehouse.

Lester informs you that he is planning robberies with you.When you get back in the car, Lester calls you again. From now on you can plan robberies in your converted apartment. Fly straight to your cozy home and take a look at the new premises. From now on you can prepare and plan Heists in the planning room.

If you are in the planning room, all you have to do is press right on the digipak to switch to the planning overview. You can use this to plan your raids from now on. Find friends, crew members, or players from the current session with whom you want to carry out a raid or choose “Quick Start” to be assigned directly to a group of players thanks to matchmaking.

GTA Heist Mission

In GTA Heist mission make up the main plot of the game; each of them adds approximately 0.8% to your statistics, reaching a total of 55% by completing them all. Remember that in addition to the main missions, there are many other things you must do to complete the game 100%, so visit the other sections on the game here in GTA-Growth for more information.

It should be noted that in this section you will find a total of 90 missions. This is due to several reasons: on the one hand, 3 missions are optional; On the other hand, there are missions that, although it is necessary to complete them to enable the following ones, do not contribute any percentage to your statistics for being extremely short and simple. Also, you must take into account that GTA 5 Heist is -until the moment of its launch- the most dynamic game in terms of the sequences of missions that can be carried out so that each player can follow a different order and even choose different ways of complete the same mission.

This means that there are alternative missions that you will never perform in a specific game. Regarding the aforementioned, this guide has been prepared following a specific quest sequence. Because of this, the order of annotations between missions may not match the order in which they appear in your game. If you want to know all the possible paths, we recommend that you save your game in a different slot after completing each mission, this way you can play in the different versions of each job.


The starting points of the Heist missions are indicated on the map with the color that corresponds to each character: Michael’s missions are marked with blue icons, while Franklin’s are green and Trevor’s are orange. Some missions can be started by more than one character.

Although on some occasions it is clarified, do not forget that it is recommended that you collect weapons, bulletproof vests, and medical kits that you see on the street or during missions whenever you have the opportunity since they are very useful. Also, make sure you have a good health percentage and a bulletproof vest before starting a Heist mission, especially those that are more difficult. You can repeat the Heist missions you previously completed from the Game section in the pause menu when you’re not on a mission. This does not affect the progress of the story.

GTA 5 Heist Players

Every game in this set allows players to play the role of criminals in big cities. With a small influence Or none at first And players must use the grab And seek influence through the criminal organization throughout the game. Many missions in the game are often located in a dilapidated environment and are a crime source in the city. The aim is often about crimes. This needs to be accomplished to continue the story in the game, such as bank robbery, assassination, and other crimes, but there will also be taxi drivers, ambulances, fire fighting, business management, prostitution, racing, and measles. Piloting an airplane is also an additional mission.

GTA Heist games are said to give players the freedom to decide what to do first and foremost. Which is different from other action games. Each mission will be in a specific area As the developers created only. In GTA 5 Heist, players can choose the mission they want to do first And the way the player chooses will affect the change of story in the game As the story progresses, players will find humor, jokes, songs and help reduce tension in various games Which is the attraction of this game and the vast space in the game that allows players to wander around anywhere in the game Buildings in the city that can interact a lot.

And various missions since the GTA . Its storyline has become another highlight of the game Along with the voice of the actor or voice actor in high quality And the sound of radio stations that can be heard through various vehicles, all of which combine to give the environment as much as the dilapidated parts of the city. And is a parody of the major US cities that actually exist.

GTA 5 Heist Payouts

All major ways of making money in GTA Online. Since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, the cost and number of vehicles, weapons, clothes, and other entertainment items sold in the game’s multiplayer component GTA Heist Online has increased significantly. But so is the money that can be earned. Whether these two things are increasing at the same rate is another topic, but in this article.

I have collected all the best ways to make money in  GTA 5 Heist Online to help players understand and cope with what may sometimes happen. Then grab some equipment, and get shot at while you deliver it at someplace and this is just one setup there are about 4 more. If you’re a new player/first time then it comes to heists some randoms join and mess up some people troll. There are two setups, one is delivering a car, the other is scoping out, you only have to kill 20 NPCs…

  • The deluxe ( a flying car) should cost around 20 million
  • Vigilante should cost around 10 million
  • Drop the prices of supercars, to around 100k – 2 million at the max
  • The laser gun should cost around 10 million

GTA 5 Online Heists have been very popular since the start. If you are looking for a complete guide to the A Funding series of support series, you have come to the right place. Three launch segments must be completed before the other mission parameters can be opened. In the first place is the A Coke Run series. You will have to steal coke from a yacht owned by boys from the brothers, off the coast near Del Pero. You will have to attack the yacht from the air and the sea.

So two players will have to grab a helicopter and two players will have to get a boat. They are quite easy for a commander and there is no opposition to getting the vehicles. Once you get to the yacht, which is quite simple, just take out the armed guards and take the drugs.  If the four of you work together and blow up the opposition quickly and furiously, you just have to pick up the packages and return to the helicopter and throw the goods in the warehouse, as marked on the map.


The next segment of the A Heist series involves grabbing trash and walking around begging pills from garbage bags at Vagos drug dropouts. Just follow the standard routes and pick up the garbage bags at the designated points. When the wagons arrive to take you out, just do what they do in the video, and use missiles to blow them up before they get into position to throw you.

If you don’t have missiles, just use grenades. If you do not have grenades, focus only on the gas tanks. This mission is relatively clear, and as long as you and your friends use teamwork to keep them from attacking, it should be fairly easy.  One thing worth doing is to check your vehicle card and blow them up before they have a chance to reach your position.

The third task before heading to the elite territory requires you to sneak into the camps and to steal their vans with drugs in it. Starting a mission is pretty easy; you just drive to and pick up the muffled weapons. You drive to the boat and then you drive the boat to the camp of the Lost. It’s straightforward. However, the trick is in the silenced seizures. Once you complete this segment, the next step is weeding.

This is the fourth mission in the Serie A funding series. This mission requires players to focus on carving in Paleto Bay, pick up some of the weeds from Balus, and use the pickup to get him out. Once you reach the location, two people pick up the trucks and two people pick up the turret. It’s a Terminator at the moment with some lewd propulsion action and a rifle with a huge cannon on the tower’s back. If you’re really good, the two truck drivers can power up the mountainside to reduce travel time. Just make sure the pickup is there to clear the roadblocks.

The fifth mission in the ranking is the theft of meth. Once you go to the ranch, you will need to remove all the metal dealers in and around the ranch. It is also probably reasonable to have two people enter the house to clean it and avoid someone being mistakenly hit in the head. The ultimate theft mission is pretty easy. You go to the warehouse, enter a position, endure by killing enemies, and then make your way out. It doesn’t require any of the tricks of jailbreaking.

Several tactics for creating a defensive position against enemies include positioning the pickup truck with the turret, where a second player can drive the ground and the enemies of the car. Missile grenade launchers, grenade launchers, or mini-rifles would be useful for the rapid withdrawal of enemies.

Pacific Standard Heist

Pacific Standard Heist has five tuning parts that must be performed in sequential order before reaching the mainstream. The first part requires photographing and stealing the Pacific Post Op standard. There are four mini-buses in the city that make circles. You need to find the vans and take a picture of the plate. The next step is to get the transponder from the van to the signaling expert. This is part two of the five in the scabies setup phase.

You will find Seashark jets on the beach and drive to the small island, where you will have to fight some cops and protect Avi.

There’s enough cover for solid shootouts, so use it well. If you have a rocket machine, be sure to use it to take out the helicopters. Go to Avi to the drop-off point. If you find that he has crashed into the boat and will not get out, go to the boat and move in it until he gets out of the boat, then get in the vehicle you want him to get in and he must follow you. Take it to the dropout and you’re good to go.

Once you have completed the second part of the setup phase, you will be able to choose between the next three phases as you see fit. This includes getting a minibus from a rival crew, hijacking a convoy, and getting “really fast” bikes. Just kill the rival crew by helping in the alley and then take the black van and lead the rival crew away from the alley with good old-fashioned shooting and Hollywood-style pursuit. The man in the white van will just have to drive him back with the hacker equipment in the back.

The next step in the setup is to abduct a convoy from the Pacific standard. This requires you to go to the specified target area and set up an ambush for the convoy. Much of this mission is just to ambush the convoy. The fourth phase in the heist setup involves stealing bicycles. You have to command four “modern” sports bikes from Lost MC, a clubhouse in East Los Santos. This is probably the easiest phase of installing the whole hate. It’s easy and just requires you to drive to their clubhouse, steal the bikes, and drive them to the driveway. If this sounds easy to you, it is.

The final part of the Pacific standard of work to the Pacific Standard Bank on Vinewood, control the crowd, miss the vault, and make a daring escape. First, you have to control the crowd as two members head down and use the heat charges from the convoy’s mission to blow up the door. Use the card to log in and enter the second door of the vault and then use as much time as you need to collect as much money as possible.

After following the instructions at the checkpoint, enter the vault and get to the money, you can press the “X” as quickly as possible to take as much money as you can. If you haven’t traveled with alarms or you haven’t attracted cops, you should have enough time to get all the money in the trays. It’s … over. You’ve just completed You the Pacific standard operating GTA Heist mode.

GTA Offline Heist

The difficulty of making money in the GTA 5 Heist Offline mode will be much lower than that of the online mode. Since the property of the three protagonists is not shared, if you want to earn more money for each character, then it takes more time. To make it easy for everyone to make enough money quickly, let me share with you how to make money in GTA 5 Heist offline mode. Players who are new to this game should be happier. They can travel around Los Angeles because they ca n’t buy their favorite vehicles and houses without enough money, so novices have no way to make money. In fact, making money in offline mode is still very simple. , And the efficiency is also very high.

First of all, find some stores, such as a store that buys drinks, some weapons and clothes stores, robbery may directly close the door or weapons … 2. After entering the store, you first choose a gun you like, then put the gun Aim at the clerk. 3. At this time, the clerk raised his hands. He was afraid and continued to point at him. At this time, he would take the money obediently. 4. After he gets the money, he will wrap it in a bag and then put it on the ground, you just pick it up on the ground. 5. When you leave, he will actually call the police, so I shoot him directly, of course, the police will come to kill.

You can find the location of the money transporter and hijack it, and then drive it to avoid the police pursuit. You can also enjoy the police and robbers while making money. When we are in the main task process, we can receive the Leicester task. This is the assassination task. After completing the task, we will get a lot of rewards. The difficulty of assassination varies. This needs everyone’s attention.

Finally, to sum up, it is still very easy to make money in the offline mode. The normal task flow is completed, and the money is enough for most players. If you want to unlock all the assets in the game, we recommend that you use stocks to make money. The efficiency is the fastest.

GTA 5 Heist


The Final Mission of the GTA 5 Heist

The final mission of the GTA 5 Heist in which we have to play Franklin. After we finish the quest to rob The Big Score, force Frank’s character back. There will be an F symbol at home. Walk in the house for a while. There will be someone ringing the doorbell. When we walked to open the door We will meet Devin. From then on, Franklin would blame Devin. The matter used to steal the car but refused to pay. But in the end, Franklin will be persuaded by Devin to succeed. And will tell Franklin to kill Michael too.

Franklin feels overwhelmed and says that the FIB had previously used Franklin to kill Trevor. But Devin would intervene. He called a single jingle to handle this matter. Because all these people belong to him (All units have been bought already.) After Devin finished talking, I went out. And Franklin’s phone will come up for us to choose which way we will choose between

  • A – Kill Trevor: We’ll have to do a final mission called Something Sensible.
  • B – Kill Michael: We will have to do a final mission called The Time’s Come.
  • C – Deathwish: We must do the final mission called The Third Way.

And when we finish the last quest, we will find different ending scenes.

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