Download GTA 4 APK Mobile Android & IOS Updated

GTA 4 APK – The release of Grand Theft Auto 4 was as close as we will get to a video game release turning into a national holiday. People took off work and high school classrooms were half-filled. Everyone was going out to get a copy of the next generation of the famous series.

The game sold 3.6 million copies its first day and 6 million its first week. So far the game has sold 22 million copies. Practically everyone has a copy of this game and for good reason.



This was not officially released for mobile devices. GTA 4 APK high resolution and large storage space requirements could be the reason for not releasing it officially for the mobiles, because it won’t be possible to play such games on low-end devices which can cause negative reviews.

Story Line

The game was hyped and it lived up to it. The game was a big departure from other games in the series, with much darker and more serious themes and new gameplay changes, the game set a new standard for video games. You play as Nikko Belic, an eastern European immigrant to the United States. He is here looking for the American Dream but the story evolves into more than just that.

You will learn of Nikko’s dark past and the real reason he came to America. Nikko is surrounded by a great cast of characters which include his cousin Roman, his fiancé Mallorie, and also the non-understandable little Jacob. Each one is voice acted well and brings you into the story. Nikko’s story will become a part of you.


One of the major changes from previous games is the combat. The game now uses cover-based shooting which works very well and makes the combat much more interesting. You will be using the environment to work your way into areas, jumping from cover to cover. It is great to drive to an area, jump out of your car and use it for cover until the car catches on fire and you have to move before it explodes.


But the best thing about Grand Theft Auto 4 was the city itself. The game is set once again in Liberty City, but this is a Liberty City unlike any you have seen before, it felt like I was in a real city. You can tell how much care went into every detail. Each street has its name to seeing random people getting into fender benders and getting out of their car.

All these GTA 5 APK little things add up to creating a living, breathing city. Each area of the city feels very different than one another. From industrial Broker to the business district Algonquin.

GTA 4 Features

There are so many things to do if you don’t feel like doing the story. You can go to an Internet cafe and use a dating site, or you can take your girlfriend bowling or play darts with your cousin. Or my personal favourite is to take a helicopter ride and see how good looking the city is.


GTA 4 APK Design Issues

  • There is no mid-mission checkpoint system. Nothing is more frustrating than being almost done with a mission and being killed by someone you don’t see and have to start from the beginning. And some of the missions can take over twenty minutes.
  • Another issue is that driving is very touchy. It is supposed to be more realistic but you had to worry about spinning-out than driving.
  • This game is very serious and gritty. There is some humor but it much darker than before and not as laughably ridiculous as it says.

Requirements to play GTA 4 APK on Mobile

This was not officially released for mobile by rockstar games. But the PC version of GTA 4 can be downloaded and installed on the mobile devices. The PC version of GTA 4 is large and in HD graphics, so you need very high-end devices to play GTA 4 on your mobile. Below are some essential requirements to play GTA 4 on mobile devices.

  • Android device with 5.0 version
  • iPhone device with minimum 8.0 IOS version
  • Android 4 GB Ram
  • iPhone device with minimum 2 GB Ram. 

Download GTA 4 APK

Installing process of this is very simple. After downloading the APK  file follow the steps give below to install GTA 4 APK.

  • Install the APK file
  • Extract the file
  • Place the APK file in the game folder.

Now you can open the GTA 4 APK file to start playing the Grand theft auto 4 on your Smartphone.

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