GTA 3 APK Download For Android & IOS Updated

GTA 3 APK  was released in 2001 by Rockstar games. It was a phenomenal change in the series of grand theft auto because it was the first time any game from the grand theft auto series was developed in 3D. After all, the previous versions of grand theft auto were in 2D.

The release of Grand theft auto 3 received huge admiration from fans due to its exceptional gameplay. Grand theft auto 3 remained on top of the list in the year 2001 and around 15 million copies are sold till now.



The Grand theft auto 3 story modes were based on the criminal character Claude whose girlfriend betrays him in the bank robbery and leaves him to death. The character got arrested due to his girlfriend betrayal but he manages to escape while transfer to prison.

GTA 3 APK revolves around in New York City where Claude is keen to take revenge on his girlfriend. The story of grand theft auto 3 becomes more interesting as the character starts performing various missions around the city with different gangs.


The Grand theft auto 3 is an open world and third-person perceptive game. The game includes three different islands where characters can roam freely. The marvelous designs of vehicles and maps make the game more enjoyable. There are various missions with some objective the character has to complete missions for the progression of the story.

GTA 3 APK Design

The character can use guns to kill enemies. There is a health indicator too which shows the health of the character, if the health of the character gets low there are also health available which player can pick up to gain health again. Several characters get unlocked as the character Claude performs the mission for different gangs.

Grand theft auto 3 includes police which starts chasing the player if they see him performing something illegal, the character has to hide from the police sight for some time to run off from wanted level.

Missions and Features

Apart from GTA 5 story mode mission character can also perform several other activities such as firefighter job, taxi driver job, and ambulance job. Grand theft auto 3 includes various types of weapons for the character to use such as M16, UZI, Sniper gun, and rocket launcher.


The character can purchase guns from local shops and guns can also be repossessed from the dead peoples. If the character dies due to low health he will respawn from the hospital. If you’re thinking to play Grand theft auto on your mobile device the below guide will help you to install the GTA 3 APK.

Requirements to play GTA 3 APK on Mobile

There are no particular requirements to play Grand theft auto 3 on the mobile phones but there are few things you need to consider before installing GTA 3 APK. The grand theft auto 3 is a high-resolution game therefore you required a high-end device to play it without any performance problems.

It won’t be easy to play grand theft auto 3 on low-end devices because the game will lag or the graphics will not render properly. Let’s see some essential requirements for playing this game on mobiles.

  • Android phone with minimum android version 5.0
  • iPhone with minimum IOS version 8
  • GTA 3 APK file
  • Android phone with minimum 2 GB Ram
  • iPhone with minimum 1 GB Ram.

Download GTA 3 APK

To play GTA 3 on your mobile devices you need to download the GTA 3 APK. Below is the guide to install the apk after downloading the required files. After downloading the required files follow the steps given below to installing this.

  • Download APK file
  • Install the file, which is downloaded
  • Extract the GTA 3 APK file.

That’s it now you can open the file to start playing the game on your mobile.

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