How to Install GTA V Zombies Mod on PC?

GTA 5 is an exciting and exciting game in which half-dead people are attacking the player. The Rockstar games publish this game. It is effortless to install GTA V Zombies on your PC just by installing some files. Here are some initial steps to install.

  • In the first step, you need to install Script Hook V, Script Hook V DotNet, Native UI, Simple Zombies [.Net].
  • After downloading these files, extract them in the GTA Auto Theft Files by right click on GTA Auto Theft.
  • Open file location, select GTA V Launcher, and you will find Script Hook V files;
  • Select these files (dinput8.dll / Native Trainer asi. / Script Hook V.dll) and drag them to the GTA V Launcher.
  • After that go to Script Hook V DotNet file, and the files (Script Hook V DotNet asi. / Script Hook V DotNet / Script Hook V DotNet2.dill / Script Hook V DotNet2 / Script Hook V DotNet3.dill / Script Hook DotNet3) drag these file to GTA V Launcher.
  • In the next step of the GTA V Zombies installation is, click “Release file”; you will find the files (NativeUI.dll / NativeUI) before dragging them into the GTA V launcher, select script and drag these both files into the folder.
  • Then, open another file, a98c4a-Zombiesmod (1.0.2d), click the file and you will find two files (ZombiesMod.dll / ZombiesMod.PDB) and drag them to the folder.

After completing this process, open the game and enable the simple zombies’ features by pressing the F10 key; the menu will appear on your screen and then enable the infection Mod, Fast Zombies and Electricity; after you finish that, enjoy your GTA V Zombies game.

GTA V Zombies

How to survive in GTA 5 Zombies?

The game is considered to be a type of survival and sustenance. So, the person needs to find and collect several things mentioned and given in the game.

However, when you are collecting the things that are essential in your survival in the GTA V Zombie game, you will find numerous zombies came across you and at the starting of the game, you only have a pistol through which you can hit the zombies and make sure to hit on their heads so that they would completely dead.  There is a menu bar in which there are things mentioned for your survival, including.

  • Campfire
  • Clean water
  • Cooked meat
  • Flashlight
  • Gate
  • Knife
  • Molotov
  • Packaged food
  • Vehicle repair kit

And many more things as well in different stages of the game to survive, also you will able to find other characters as well.


As in the GTA V Zombies game, you need to survive by killing the zombies. Furthermore, look for weapons, fuel and other necessities to live on, those you will get by going out or travelling on the road. You will also get rewards by killing the zombies and upgrade your weapons and vehicle.

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